Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Etsy Favorite-#5

I'm not big into vintage/antique items. Some things sure, but not as a rule. So, vintage sellers on Etsy don't always capture my attention. But, this seller sure did and got added to my favs. Today's shop is rachiesplace! The first thing that drew me into this shop is the pyrex she has for sale. Cookware just isn't made like it was years ago, and this stuff rocks! She has many other items for sale too. I'm sure there is something for everyone. Here are a few things I really like:

You can't go wrong with pink, can you?

Pyrex Blue Wheat Hostess Casserole

Here's that Pyrex. And isn't the blue pretty?

Glasbake Green Daisy Duo Oval Dishes

Two more dishes that are functional and pretty.

Cool huh? Takes you back a few years! There are a lot of vintage sellers on Etsy, me included. They have lots of cool stuff in their shops, so be sure to check them out! Please be sure to check out Etsy when you have a chance and support handmade and small business owners!

(These photos and products are property of rachiesplace and I only used them to showcase the seller on my blog.)

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